White Sox get talent as well as give it

White Sox get talent as well as give it

CHICAGO -- Saturday night became a highly successful evening for one-time White Sox hurlers who are practicing their crafts for other teams since being traded from the South Side.

John Ely (Dodgers), Clayton Richard (Padres) and Gio Gonzalez (A's) all picked up victories, combining to allow three earned runs over 21 innings, while striking out 14 and walking two. But before fans and pundits alike pine for the return of these young arms to Chicago, remember the old adage of how a team has to give up talent in order to get talent in return.

"Winning or losing a trade, that's why you take a risk," said White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen of analyzing a trade after the fact. "As long as we get the guy we want, that's what I think about it. That's why a lot of general managers, they don't want to make a trade because they don't want to look bad.

"I'm working for the guy that's not afraid to make trades as long as they help this organization and this club, and I like that," Guillen said.

Guillen pointed to a few conversations from last December's Winter Meetings in December in Indianapolis, when he felt general manager Ken Williams was ready to make moves but no one else was in that same aggressive mode. Guillen added how he doesn't pay much attention to players once they leave the White Sox organization, leaving bench coach Joey Cora to update him about such things.

Instead, Guillen focuses on the contributions currently being made by Juan Pierre, who was acquired in the offseason deal sending Ely to the Dodgers, or Jake Peavy, who came over from San Diego last year for a four-hurler package involving Richard. The White Sox have a good track record of giving up the right Minor League talent to make the Major League team stronger.

"Every time we make a trade, I always say, 'I could never have been a general manager because you have to take a chance on what the team wants and the team needs, and ignore feelings,'" Guillen said. "We knew John would be fine and we knew Clayton would be good, but we have a pretty good guy [in return for each trade]."