Beckham tuned in to different song

Beckham tuned in to different song

CHICAGO -- For at least one day, the focus of conversation concerning Gordon Beckham didn't center on his .187 average.

Instead, the talk Thursday dealt with the White Sox second baseman's change in at-bat music. After returning The Outfield to prominence for the first time since, well, for the first time ever, by using their hit song "Your Love," Beckham made a switch during Wednesday's 3-2 loss to the Angels.

"Seek and Destroy" by Metallica became the new at-bat tune of choice, courtesy of White Sox first baseman and team captain Paul Konerko.

"I said before the game, 'Just don't play anything.' I have to be hitting better just to deserve an intro song," Beckham said. "And then King [Konerko] came over and said you will have an intro song and I'm going to pick it. So, I'm following in the King's footsteps."

With the new music showing the way, Beckham finished 0-for-2 with a walk, but hit the ball hard in his two outs. Beckham believes that the change of songs, in a roundabout way, will help him forget about the season-long slump.

"You've been struggling, but with a different intro song, you don't hear [the old one] and think about all the times you are struggling," Beckham said. "It actually kind of helped, and hopefully things fall for me."

Beckham doesn't want to completely abandon The Outfield, adding how maybe the White Sox can play "Your Love" after he reaches base successfully. The whole at-bat music concept seems to be lost on manager Ozzie Guillen, but if it helps Beckham rebound, Guillen will take that entertainment idea one step further.

"If he's going to start hitting, I'll bring the band. I'll pay every day for them to have a concert for him," said a smiling Guillen. "I don't know how people come up with when they're going to change what kind of music they're playing. When Babe Ruth hit, and all those guys were playing, they didn't have a sound system in the stadium, and they had like 4,000 hits.

"But ... I would bring Michael Jackson back to life. I would have a concert every day and fire all the coaches."