Guillen understands GM's impatience

Guillen understands GM's impatience

KANSAS CITY -- White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen can understand why general manager Kenny Williams would come out with a public affirmation that he is losing patience with a ballclub that has struggled to find solid footing through the opening six weeks of the season.

Responding to a Chicago Sun-Times text question on Saturday regarding whether he's losing patience, Williams answered with a simple "yes." That response doesn't surprise Guillen.

"I don't blame him," Guillen said. "The expectation we have for this ballclub is pretty high. I think we have a ballclub that is better than what we've shown. If you would have looked around in Spring Training or in the winter -- if you said this team would be last in hitting in Major League Baseball -- you'd be surprised. But we are.

"Kenny is very strong with the way he makes moves ... with the way he does his business. He wants to win."

The White Sox entered Sunday's game at Kansas City with a 15-21 record, leaving them seven games back of Minnesota in the American League Central.

"We have a lot of games left," Guillen said. "Meanwhile, those [first 36 games] are going to count in the end. He's entitled to have that opinion."

Guillen reiterated that he isn't worried about his job security if the White Sox continue to stumble.

"I don't care about me," he said. "That's the job. With the coaches, we do everything we can to make those guys better, and I know it. I fired three coaches myself, because I don't think we were on the same page. Right now, if we're going to blame somebody, I'll take the blame.

"If he wants to blow this ballclub away, that's his call. I still believe in this ballclub. We've shown some signs how good we can be, and we've shown some signs how bad we can be."